How I’ve been able to retain moisture longer

I have low porosity 4c hair which is always dry. Moisture retention has been a struggle for me and I’ve tried everything; cowashing, deep conditioning regularly etc. It didn’t work. Until I found the 3 reasons why my hair has bern so dry lately

1) I had switched back to sulphate shampoos. When I found out I had low porosity hair and did my research, I found out that low porosity is prone to build up on the hair strands. So throughly cleaning was needed. Cowashing, sulphate free shampoos weren’t going to do the trick.



I’ve stopped using any kind of shampoo. Instead I use my DIY clay wash to clean my hair. Since I’ve made the switch my hair has been 100000% times better at holding moisture.

2) I stopped leaving in ayurvedic powders in my hair. I used to oil rinse with infused oilsbthat contained amla. Then I found out due to the protein elements, its the reason for the dryness. Now Inuse my infused oils only as a hot oil treatment and rinse it out. No leave in.

3) I stopped using shea butter to seal because my hair doesn’t like it anymore in its raw form. So I started uding whipped mango and avocado butter. The problem is mango and avocado butter are much lighter butters so in the Caribbean heat it wouldn’t work.


I started using a pomade to seal my hair. Some people think pomades are grease but natural hair brands are introducing pomades that use beeswax or plant wax instead of mineral oil and petrolatum. My hair has been loving this. I need a bigger size lol

This pomade I got from Wholesome You they have an online store where they deliver to the US.

Hope these tips help, sometimes the cause of dry hair is right in front of us, its just a matter of figuring it out.

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