Mango and avocado butter

I stated in a recent blog post some natural hair trends I’m either giving up or taking a break from. One of them is shea butter. So instead, I looked for different butter alternatives that seal moisture like shea but are lighter.

I decided to try out mango and avocado butter…there are many different butters out there but these are very popular.

Mango butter is amazing! Can’t believe I never tried this on my skin before especially because I have dry skin. Not only does it protect the skin but it can hydrate hair for long periods of time.

Avocado butter is softer than both shea and mango butter and works as a great sealent for hair.


I kept my recipe very simple however you can add how many oils you want. I wanted my mix on the lighter side.


-mango butter

-avocado butter

-grapeseed oil

-peepermint oil

-hand or stand mixer



Combine all ingredients in a bowl- I used half of each of the butters and put 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil, 3 drops of peppermint oil


Use mixer till everything is combined and fluffy and smooth



Then simply put into a container and its ready for use!!


I can’t wait to use this on my hair and share the results with you 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Mango and avocado butter

  1. I made a whipped cream with sheabutter and the oils. After some days it collapses,i mean it doesn’t look so creamy and fluffy again. Does this happen with mango and avocado butter as well? Or is there something i was supposed to do to retain its creamy and fluffy state.

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