Natural hair trends I’ve abandoned

It seems every week something new is being revealed about natural hair whether its new oils, butters or new techniques. However, this year I’ve vowed to go back to doing some things the old school way. There are several things I’ve tried since big chopping in August 2014…some have failed and others I will keep doing. But lets get on to the list of the things I’m no longer doing to my hair:

  1. Co washing – I tried cowashing for a month and my poor hair hated it. Of course it did because co washing is not going to remove that thick layer of shea butter I constantly coat my hair in. My hair just was lifeless and dull.
  2. Sulphate free shampoo- I knowwww!! The #1 rule I’ve broken but just like cowashing, sulphate free shampoo just doesn’t remove the shea butter successfully from my hair. Since following the sulphate free hype my hair has been horribly dry, my scalp itchy and my hair looking dull. Its going in the bin!
  3. Shea butter- I’m not 100% giving this up because I still use products that contain shea butter but the raw stuff? Yeah we’re on a break. Because I’m trying to isolate the source of my dryness, I have to stop to ensure its not the shea butters fault
  4. Pre pooing- I used to religiously pre poo but it really doesn’t do much for my hair especially now that I’ve started back using sulphate shampoo. Instead I just use my DIY detangler (recipe coming soon) and the next day I’m ready to wash.
  5. Coconut oil- Yeah i’ve broken up with coconut oil again. You may remember a post I made a few months ago about using less coconut oil well now I only use it on my skin. Talk about stringy hair ughhh. Grapeseed oil is becoming a fast favourite for my hair…it absolutely loves that stuff!
  6. Washing every week – I tried this method and while my hair loves water, constantly shampooing and deep conditioning it? My hair doesn’t love that. I’ll stick to washing my hair twice a month cause it works for me. My hair thrives better when its left alone and this year I vow to listen to my hair instead of the hype

Are there any rules or practice you’ve given up in your hair regimen? Feel free to share in the comment section below šŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Natural hair trends I’ve abandoned

  1. I also tried co-washing for a short while but I have abandoned it because I found that I had lots of build up which caused my scalp to itch….not nice. So I have gone back to shampooing and I really don’t check to see whether it’s sulphate free or not. I think sometimes we become so caught up in ingredients that we make caring for our natural hair a bigger chore than it needs to be. So you can say that I have given up the obsession with product ingredients. If my hair likes something, I’ll continue to use it. If it doesn’t then I’ll drop it. It’s that simple.

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