Why I’ve had to give up on my love for coconut oil

It literally hurts to write this post but it must be done…maybe my expereince can help someone else.

My love for coconut oil runs very deep, I use it on my hair and on my skin and I can testify to its amazing benefits. But lately…my hair has started rejecting coconut oil! So then I decided to examine the reason why before my hair loved it and now my hair hated it; and after countless online reading I discovered why.

I’ve only returned natural for about a year now and only within the last few months I’ve started incorporating protein treatments in my hair. However, coconut oil actually PREVENTS protein loss from your hair meaning that with regular protein treatments plus the use of coconut oil regularly, my hair was just having too much protein.

It explains why people who are protein sensitive aren’t huge fans of coconut oil because of its protein benefits. My hair started feeling stringy and overly dry and I was almost scared that I had to chop it off but a good moisturising deep conditioner brought it back to life.

Now, I use olive oil in the 2nd step of the L.O.C method and only use coconut oil mixed with olive oil to pre poo. Lesson: pay attention to how your hair feels, if it starts rejecting a product it may be time to re evaluate your hair regimen

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