Product review: Texture my Way easy comb leave-in detangling and softening crème therapy

I rarely do product reviews cause its a bit hard finding products to tame my 4c hair. This product however is literally so amazing I had to write about it.

I had received some sample packs of the leave in and curl defining pudding when I went to a hair show and I immediately fell in love the first time I used it. Of course, I like using a product for a few months before giving reviews about it and now that all my sample packs are done, I realised I had to buy the bottle.


This product converted me to becoming a leave in conditioner person.This product is 100% under rated and not enough people know about this line. The leave in functions as a detangling lotion and it delivers. This leaves my hair sooooo soft, makes it easy to detangle, has an amazing smell and is reactivated with water. For me, the first sign of an amazing product is when you spritz your hair with water and the product immediately reactivates in your hair…this does that.

The entire line is sulphate, paraben, mineral oil and petrolatum free and is infused with shea butter and olive oil….two products my hair loves. Hands down I honestly can’t wait to try more from this line.


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