Herbs and hair health

I’ve taken a few weeks from blogging to review, read and invent recipes that I can come share with you guys 🙂 So lately, I’ve been reading about herbs that we can find in our grocery or herbal store and the benefits they have on our hair. I’m talking about common herbs you probably have in your pantry such as rosemary, parsley, thyme, sage, etc.

Herbs that contribute to healthy hair and hair growth

-Rosemary – this very common herb that I loveee to use on chicken is amazing for hair. Not only can it prevent hair loss, but its great to promote hair growth, gently cleanses hair, increase shine and relieves itchy and flaky scalp.

-Horsetail – very popular to promote healthy hair and hair growth. The main component in horsetail is silica which is known for promoting healthy, strong hair and nails.

-Parsley – yeahhh I said parsley lol. Its full of vitamins and anti oxidants which increase circulation in the scalp, promote healthy hair and skin.

-Thyme – has anti septic and anti fungal properties which are great for keeping scalp clean and aiding in hair growth.

-Nettle or nettle root – a very popular herb known to regrow hair and reduce shedding.

How amazing do those sounds?! There are amazing natural things that the earth produces that we can use to achieve healthy and strong hair

All the herbs I have listed are the ones I am currently experimenting with and using. I’m hoping to add a few more to the list when I get them. I will be posting soon recipes and how I incorporate these herbs in my hair regimen. Because I post on my instagram more frequently, some of the recipes are available there so follow if you want to know more.

Instagram: natural_trini


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