Hair journey (August 2014 to August 2015)

So I’m shy a few weeks of 1 year returning natural but i took out my box braids last week after having them in for 1 month.


As you can see in the collage; I nearly went completely bald last year, the bottom pics are from last week when I took out my box braids and finger detangled with coconut oil. Look how far I’ve come:O

There is no magic secret to hair growth I can share honestly, while I’ve always had shoulder length and bra strap length this time around natural I have learned how to take better care of my hair.

Tips for retaining length and achieving growth

  1. low manipulation/protective styles- I usually 2 strand twist my hair and leave it alone for 2 weeks!!! That’s right, 2 weeks without detangling or putting a comb near my hair
  2. Moisturising – moisturising is key to hair growth because our kinky hair tends to snap and break when dry. Try incorporating the LOC method
  3. Deep conditioning and protein treatments – these are very vital to help repair our hair and give it the moisture that it needs
  4. Multivitaimns – notice i didn’t say hair vitamins!!! Multivitamins not only target the hair but general body health as well (look for one that contains biotin and MSM)
  5. Love your hair -this is the most important tip. Love and embrace your natural hair no matter what hair you have. Its uniquely yours 🙂

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