The importance of protein for hair – comparing Africa’s Best and Vitale hair mayonnaise

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Protein is a very important aspect of maintaining natural hair. We lose protein our hair from the weather, constant washing, styling especially with heat and combing. As our hair is mostly made up of protein its very essential that we out back in the protein it does lose.

Protein treatments are designed to penetrate the hair strands and repair the loss of protein in our strands. So far I have tried 2 different protein treatments: Africa’s Best Organics hair mayonnaise and Vitale hair mayonnaise. Last month I reviewed the Africa’s Best but in this post, I’ll be comparing the two to show you why one is more effective than the other.

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Initial thoughts

I raved about the Africa’s Best hair mayo in another post. It left my hair feeling so moisturised I didn’t feel the need to follow up with a moisturising deep conditioner. However, I hate the smell. It has a strong kind of chemically smell that gave me a bit of a headache. I also was very sceptical about the ingredients.

The Vitale however didn’t leave my hair soft and moisturised but it left my hsir feeling strong and completely bounced back after ptotective stylibg for a month. The ingredients in this have 100% sold me and it diesn’t have a bad smell at all. Bonus: there is a bigger sized container than this!!

Why the Vitale is a more effective protein treatment

The ingredients in the Vitale hair mayo are hands down the reason I won’t be repurchasing the Africa’s Best hair mayo. In order for a protein treatment to be effective, there is one very important ingredient it must contain which is hydrolyzed proteins which are proteins small enough to penetrate the hair shaft. Africa’s Best contains none…not even a single mention of any whereas the Vitale contains hydrolyzed soy and oat proteins. The Virale brands also contains more natural products such as olive oil, carrot oil and nettle.

Due to the drying feel of the Vitale and how strong my hair felt, I will definitely readjust my wash day routine and instead of doing a protein treatment once a month, it will be once every 2 months so that I don’t overload my hair with protein

thanks for reading 🙂 


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