Coconut oil and grease challenge

A few posts ago I mentioned wanting to go back to using grease in my hair and I do have a logical reason why I want to. I always had mid back length hair when I was younger, even when I was relaxed but when I was natural until around 15, the one product I always used was grease. When I was younger, my mom would pour coconut oil on my head first and leave it for a while before she washed it and applied grease. My hair was so long just using simply coconut oil and grease.

Ever since I returned natural as of last year, as my hair grows the shrinkage though is unreal! I want my actual hair length to show as well as I found that my shea butter wasn’t helping me retain moisture as it used to in the beginning of my journey. I never used to have such a drastic shrinkage problem till I recently thought: what if grease helped me retain length?! Sure enough I found a post that proved my thoughts were correct. Grease DOES help with length retention. Grease and length retention. So I’ve decided for the rest of the year I’m going to use grease to seal in my hair and take note of the difference.

The challenge

Wash day routine (every 2 weeks)

-prepoo overnight with coconut oil infused ayurvedic powders (plain coconut oil is fine too)

-co wash (shampoo once every 2 months)

-protein treatment (once every month)

-green tea rinse

-deep condition

Moisturising routine

-spritz hair with water and aloe vera juice

-apply coconut oil

-seal with blue magic castor oil (any grease works fine)


-2 strand twists and leave alone for 2 weeks


-with coconut oil

Scalp massage

-every night with coconut oil and castor oil mix (2 oz of each)

I’m starting this challenge on Saturday but decided to post for anyone that wants to join the challenge too. You don’t have to follow my exact wash day routine. Of course if there is any adjustments to be made I will post about it. Let me know if you want to join the challenge in the comments 🙂


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