Why I don’t really pay attention to ingredients

I’ve noticed ever since I returned natural that everyone keeps talking about silicones, parabens, mineral oil and sulphates and some natural hair gurus go as far to say to stay away from products that contain them. Why though? Are they really so bad for our hair or are we just feeding into capitalists needs to purchase their new silicone, paraben and sulphate free products?

When I was younger I had bra strap length, when I was relaxed I had that length too and it continually kept growing until I realised I was content with shoulder length hair. When I was younger, my mom used coconut oil and good ole fashion Blue Magic grease on my hair. Grease which contains mineral oil and my hair grew. I never gave up on my grease even when I was relaxed but on my second trip to being natural I did.

Recently, in a group I saw someone state that they still use grease on their hair and people literally jumped on that person and begged them to stop. But why? If grease is working for that person why not let them use it? Most of us grew up on grease and our hair was perfectly fine so why quit now? Why stop because the capitalists are putting into our heads that in order to have healthy hair we must by their silicone-paraben-sulphate free products? Products that tend to be very, very expensive.

I have yet to pay very close attention to products, only recently I actually purchased a sulphate and paraben free shampoo and its because it was cheap! If the price raises, I’m back to my good old fashioned shampoo that contains sulphates or just washing my hair with aloe vera juice. Once my braids are out I plan to challenge myself to only using coconut oil and grease and seeing the results because I really need to see for myself whats so bad about it. Grease by the way is a great inexpensive sealent on the last step of the LOC method.


12 thoughts on “Why I don’t really pay attention to ingredients

  1. Use what works for you. Now I personally stay away from those ingredients (I don’t use grease at all!) and have been fine without it. I also think the hair industry is changing. Hair Care for African Americans have only been around since the 1950s (as oppose to 500 years for Europeans) so there will always be something new.

  2. But of course, it would be misleading to imply that hair products are the sole reason of growth. In fact, its all about whats inside. Genetics play a huge role in determining the “final length” of our hair. Not whether or not one uses Blue Magic.

      1. Yes, its your body! Of course genetics plays a role…Its why we have different color, textures, and even lengths of hair. I’ve seen it nonBlack people. It doesn’t mean someone is destined to have short hair, but that waist length didn’t come overnight either.

      1. Oh yes! It doesn’t make since to me to buy a product over $5 at this point, and I’m pretty sure they don’t list all the ingredients in their products any way!

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