Mini hair haul #2

I’ve been doing tons of research lately…TONS about ayurvedic powders which have been used for centuries by Indian women to give their hair shine and to strengthen. I love learning about natural hair powders like these so I quickly youtubed and googled until I learned enough. I went to a local store and purchased some … More Mini hair haul #2

Why I don’t really pay attention to ingredients

I’ve noticed ever since I returned natural that everyone keeps talking about silicones, parabens, mineral oil and sulphates and some natural hair gurus go as far to say to stay away from products that contain them. Why though? Are they really so bad for our hair or are we just feeding into capitalists needs to … More Why I don’t really pay attention to ingredients

Mini hair haul!!!

In my quest to find products that work for me, I recently decided what the hell…why not buy some products instead of waiting?! So I did!!! Let me tell you I am very excited to try out all these products. Ax my hair continues growing and getting thicker, its the more product it needs. I … More Mini hair haul!!!