Review of Africa’s Best Organics hair mayonnaise (protein treatment)

I used to DIY my protein treatments until I kept reading posts that eggs and mayo are not effective for our hair because the particles and nutrients are too big to actually penetrate the hair strands. So I went in search for a protein treatment and found the Organics.

Why does hair need protein?

Protein is used to strengthen hair. Once hair is strong, less breakage will occur but don’t over do it. If your hair is suffering any type of damage, protein treatments every wash day should do the trick. For others, treatmdnt once every month or two months will be fine.



This smells not bad considering it has egg protein in it. From the moment I put this on my hair though my hair was happy!! It felt amazing and I followed the instructions, put on a plastic cap and put on my heated deep conditioning cap for 10 minutes. After I washed it out omggg my hair was soft!!! No more dry feeling I didn’t even bother to follow up with a deep condition. After using this I’m definitely excited to buy the Organics Cholesterol tea tree oil deep conditioner. This is definitely becoming a staple for me.


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