Rhassoul clay for skin and hair

There are two very popular clays I always hear naturals talking about and its bentonite and rhassoul clay. Basically they both help to clean the scalp as well as define curls, remove tokins, scalp build up and a lot more. However if you want that squeaky clean feeling go for the bentonite and yes the rhassoul clay does clean too but it moisturises hair more.

Rhassoul clay face mask

1) most important use a plastic spoon and a plastic bowl when mixing because you don’t want the metal reacting to the clay

2) mix the clay with water, aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar (I used around 2 tablespoons of clay and half a teaspoon of acv)


Trust me…this is effective as any face mask and my face felt clean after but it was a little red (due to the acv). I suggest if you want to leave out the acv or use a moisturiser after use.

Hair mask

I basically did the same mixture for my hair without acv…I used more water and aloe vera juice.

I basically parted my hair in sections and put the clay on my scalp then worked it along my hair.

Let me tell you, my hair loveddddd this clay mask. It left my hair not feeling super dry like it usually does when I shampoo. My scalp felt clean and my curl pattern finally showed itself!! This clay is going to be a staple for me now.


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