How I maintain and grow my natural hair

I’m quickly approaching one year since my big chop and people who’ve seen me keep asking how did my hair grew so quickly!! Its simple…I leave my hair the hell alone!!!!! Lol 🙂


The collage picture on top shows how short my hair was when I chopped it off in August 2014 to that huge fro on top which was the last time I used a wide tooth comb in my hair which was in April.

After I big chopped there wasn’t much I could do to my hair besides do the LOC method and just leave the house. Months passed before finally my hair gre long enough to do two strand twists and I use twists as a protective style.

After my wash day I simply moisturise my hair and go ahead twisting and I leave my hair like that for two weeks until my next wash day.

Two strand twists
Two strand twists

My doing this I manipulate my hair less which means less breakage and less breakage means growth!!! Yessss! Plus 4c hair tends to grow when left the hell alone so remove your hand my friends. For me two steand twists are the easiest style to do and they last long depending on the products you use and if you use gel (gel holds the hair and keeps it neat for long).

Find a style you can rock for a week or longer if you choose and you’llnotice the difference ☺


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