Progress on the no comb challenge!!

  • Wait, before you call me crazy after reading the title hear me out. A lot of naturals on youtube…and I mean a lot have sworn off using combs in their hair even wide tooth combs; why? Simply because combs snag our hair especially if you have 4C hair and haven’t detangled in a while, all those knots in your hair a comb with pull them out roughly instead of easily un knotting them causing breakage which no one wants.

The last two wash days (which means a month now, since I wash my hair every two weeks) I have not used combs!!! But sweet Jesus the detangling process is longgggggg without one but I am determined to stick it out. All you need to detangle is your fingers, or whichever detangling method you choose (water, conditioner or oil) and to seperate your hair in sections and start.

It may take a long time to finger detangle especially if you have long hair but you’ll definitely see less hair falling out. Try it once and tell me 🙂


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