New product alert – Queen Helene cholesterol with ginseng hair conditioning cream

So, if you’re natural and have found the perfect deep conditioner well boy are you lucky! For me, I keep trying and trying even making my own but this one was recommended to me by a natural hair facebook group I belong to.


There is one with ginseng and one without but I decided to give the ginseng one a try. My wash day was Saturday and I followed up my simple protein treatment of applying mayonnaise to my hair with this. It says to leave in for 15 to 30 mins but I left it in for 20 mins under my steam cap.

Cause I’ve only used it once I can’t as yet say if it works 100% or not but I did notice that my hair didn’t feel really dry after using it and actually felt soft. I’ll definitely have to use it a few more times to give my official results.


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