DIY facial scrub

Hey everyone its been a while 🙂 Today instead of the traditional hair post I decided to stray a little and talk about DIY facial scrub. I’m on a DIY drive lately simply because I love how easy it can be plus you know exactly what’s going in to your product.

So I decided to try making a facial scrub and it was pretty simple.


  • 3 green tea bags
  • baking soda
  • coconut oil or any essential oil


  1. In a bowl open the green tea bags and pour the inside out
  2. Then add baking soda and coconut oil but not too much because its a scrub not a mask
  3. Then bam! your own facial scrub 🙂


I was very excited to use this on my face and honestly….its a bit messy but I loved how clean my face felt after!!

20150314_100157                                   20150314_100540

BEFORE                                                                  AFTER


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