DIY aloe vera juice

I can’t believe I’ve been letting my aloe vera plant in my garden go to waste all this time. I had no idea it was that easy to make aloe vera juice till boredom struck me lol.

Aloe vera juice mixed with water helps keep the hair soft and keeps it moisturised.


  • 2-3 aloe vera plant leaves
  • water


  1. Once you collect aloe vera leaves, simply peel the thorns from the side and peel off the front and back green parts. I found it easier to just peel off the front and simply cut out the slimy aloe goodness in the middle.


2. Then with a little bit of water blend all that slimy aloe vera in a blender and there you have it!! Aloe vera juice!!


I strained it just to ensure no lumps happened. Definitely such a easy recipe and it helps save money (once you can get past the smell).


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