Why I think DIY is better

So I’ve been thinking what I should make my next post about and while I was adding coconut milk to my deep conditioner that’s when it hit me.

DIY hair products…do you think its better than store bought? Do you prefer to mix your own hair products?

For me, I love trying new things and there are some products I rather make for myself than spend money on. E.G. I make my own protein treatment (eggs, mayo and olive oil) and I make my own flaxseed gel (flaxseed and water).

This week I made my own onion and garlic hair growth/ dandruff control spray and it made me fall more in love with the DIY method. Its always great to find natural ingredients to use right in your own kitchen! The spray can be used to stimulate hair growth and kill any fungus in your scalp (e.g. dandruff) and its simple to make!


I took the skin off 3 onions and roughly chopped half an onion. Then I took 3 garlic cloves with the skin on roughly chopped and added it to a pot with water.


Then you let that boil and simmer in all its goodness for around 20-25 minutes.


And then you get this 🙂 I left it to cool overnight and added it to my spray bottle the next day. Some people use it as a rinse while washing and others use it as a leave in spray.

Basically when you try DIY products, you know exactly what you’re putting it into and its all natural products you mostly can get in your kitchen. So don’t knock it till you try it!!


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