Things I still use on my 4C hair

If you follow natural hair blogs on youtube or on facebook you’ll notice that a lot have claimed that certain products are not good for our hair. Now I get it…not every product works on everyone’s hair but to go as far as saying we shouldn’t use some products?! That’s a far stretch.

One of those products is hair grease. Blue Magic or any other brand…we’ve been told its not good for our hair because of the ingredients in it such as petrolatum and mineral oil. So when I big chopped I too started following this no grease rule and boy was it hard!!! I have 4c hair and when my hair started growing back I needed that softness and manageability that grease provided.

But let’s think on this: most of our parents used grease in our hair when we were younger and our hair was healthy and long. So is grease…is it really that bad? For me, I’ve started back using it and my hair is in love again.


Another product that seems to be under scrutiny in the NHC is shampoo! Now its not all shampoo that’s bad…just the one’s that contain sulphates. Why? Cause sulphate is that one ingredient they use in shampoo that actually strips our hair of its natural oils. Now, if you’re on a budget like me and can’t find non sulphate free shampoos no big deal!! Just add some water to it. Because shampoo strips hair of its natural oils, co washing (washing hair with just conditioner) has become very popular. I did it too for a few months before I noticed my scalp wanted to be cleaned not conditioned.


In the end, we should all listen to our hair about what it loves rather than follow what some people say. Not everything works for everyone!


2 thoughts on “Things I still use on my 4C hair

  1. I agree I’ve done lots of research as to what can and cannot damage 4c hair and you’re right to each her own.. My blog is about 4c kids hair I have some updated content I hope you enjoy

  2. Good morning! I just began a 4c natural Kinky Hair blog for children’s hair care. The process’ are about the same for adults I hope you stop by like a few posts and feel comfortable enough to subscribe and follow Kaylei and our journey! Enjoy your day! – Lilly from #CoilyKids

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