My decision to say bye bye relaxer!

Basically its my view that women should at least try short hair once in their lifetime. So randomly one day I went to my hairdresser and I told her to chop it all off. One reason was because I was entering a new chapter of my life and wanted to try something else and the other reason being relaxers were starting to not agree with my very sensitive skin.

Now that my hair is growing out of its very short cut, I’ve been questioning if I’ve made the right decision. Firstly, before relaxer every touched my hair back in the day maintaining natural hair was simple for me: coconut oil, water and some good old Blue Magic grease. Now? Grease seems to be a no no according to many natural hair bloggers because of its ingredients. Another thing is the very wide and very expensive (at least for me) range of natural hair care products that will make your head spin.

Another reason I’ve been questioning it is partly to do with my very annoying family who love to voice their opinion. Take note, I am allergic to black dye…they know this so its very annoying to hear them suggest using weave or braids.

But besides that, I am thoroughly enjoying seeing my hair grow and actually learning what my hair likes and doesn’t like.

I am a naturalista on a student budget and yes…it is possible!

Hair growth from August to January
Hair growth from August to January

5 thoughts on “My decision to say bye bye relaxer!

      1. Ugh, I remember. I wore alot of headbands and twistouts to stretch the length. I also wore two strand twists in updos to protect my hair. Good luck with the awkward stage.

  1. Good luck with your journey. There is alot of products out there but figuring out whats right for your hair is part of your journey. First try the things that are most popular on youtube and natural blog pages and go from their.

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