No band sold out yet?!

So its Carnival 2015, and what is new you may ask. Well the simple fact that no band has sold out as yet is definitely an indication that this year might just be different. Usually by now popular bands such as Tribe and Harts would claim that they’re sold out leaving many hopeful people disappointed that they can’t get in to these “exclusive bands”. But the question is: what is so different about this year?

Well for one, the fact that costume prices have raised yet again could be the main reason these bands have not sold out. Or could it be the fact that people have finally woken up and realised that paying close to $5,000.00 TTD for 2 days and a skimpy costume just doesn’t add up.

It seems that this year more and more people have opted instead to fete their lives away leaving the very popular Soaka fete to have 2 this year!

But, trinis have never disappointed me this far, we still have a few weeks till Carnival and maybe before Monday 16th February one band can shout victorious that they have sold out.


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