Band launch season!

It’s official! Carnival 2013 band launch season was officially kicked off on Sunday with new band Paparazzi Carnival (formally Pulse 8).

The band launch was held at the Queen’s Park Oval and patrons were treated to the live music of Kes, Chucky and Kimba Sorzano as costumes were modelled.

I must say the costumes definitely don’t lack the vibrant colours that is Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival.

Can’t wait to see the costumes close up in the mas camp which is located in Woodbrook. Not exactly sure of the address.

Spice Carnival’s ‘Let’s Dance’ is the next band launch on the list on July 14th at Pier One, Chaguaramas

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One thought on “Band launch season!

  1. I am eagerly waiting for IPmAS BAND LAUNCH! Need to get on flight as soon as early as poss to be at the LAUNCH!

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