Soca Awards postponed?

I honestly didn’t know there was going to be an International Soca Awards until I saw a select few soca artistes posting to vote for them.

And while doing some investigating, I realised why I haven’t been seeing more advertising being done only to discover that the award show was being hosted at the Hilton in Los Angeles…and not in Trinidad.

Weird right? Seeing as soca is a “trini” thing.

No doubt the soca artistes were excited for the 10th Annual International Soca Awards however, this morning on the radio it was announced that the show which was to be held on Friday June 29th is postponed. But if the show is simply just postponed then why are tickets being refunded?

On a press release published on, ‘the new date will be announced in an upcoming press release and press conference scheduled for Thursday July 5th.’

Hopefully at the press conference we’ll discover more about the reason why the awards were postponed but news going around that the gov’t of Trinidad and Tobago has some involvement in this situation.

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